Why do we need Adiri DAO?

Adirize DAO will set the focus on the supply growth rather than increase in the price where the $ADI will work as a currency that will be able to hold its buying power notwithstanding the market volatility.

Is $ADI a stable coin?

$ADI is not a stable coin but will set on a path to emerge as an algorithmic reserve currency that will be backed by other decentralized assets.

What is the rebase mechanism?

The Rebase can be understood as a mechanism through which your staked $ADI balance shall increase automatically. Upon the minting of new $ADI in the protocol, a significant portion of it will go to the stakers.

Since stakers only view staked $ADI balance instead of $ADI, the protocol will deploy the rebase mechanism for increasing the staked ADI balance allowing 1 staked $ADI to be redeemable for 1 $ADI.

What will be the intrinsic value of $ADI in the future?

There is no evident or clear answer to this question, but the intrinsic value shall be determined by the performance of the treasury.

What will be the price per token during the $ADI token sale?

The price per token for the token sale event is fixed at $0.15.

What will be the initial market cap when the $ADI token sale starts?

The initial market cap of $ADI at listing will be $1,000,000.

What’s the venue for the $ADI token sale?

The $ADI token sale will be held on the Adirize DAO website

Do I need to pass the KYC process to participate in the $ADI token sale?

Yes, users will be required to pass the KYC requirements to whitelist in the $ADI token sale.

What are the accepted cryptocurrencies for the $ADI token sale?

We will be accepting the ETH for the $ADI token sale.

Will all the unsold tokens be destroyed/burned?

Yes, we will permanently burn all the unsold $ADI token